Thursday, May 13, 2021

Funeral Service Foundation Announces 2020 Academic Scholarship Recipients and Issues Call for 2021 Scholarship...

The Funeral Service Foundation is proud to announce its “Class of 2020” academic scholarship recipients and issue a call for applications for the “Class of 2021.”

Announcing The Funeral Leader’s First-Ever Mortuary School Spirit Contest

Current students, alumni, and instructors are all encouraged to join in the fun and #SupportYourMort. And the end of the contest, the mortuary school with the most support will win a $500 scholarship.

Vandor/Starmark Announces Retirement of President

On behalf of Vandor Group, Alan Elder, Chairman/CEO, announces the planned March 31, 2021 retirement of Gerald Davis as its President and affirms his continuing service as an important shareholding board member.

Awakening Gratitude: Sharing Perspective from Dr. Alan Wolfelt

During this morning’s sunrise, I sat down to give more thought to how this pandemic has created an opportunity to wake up to the power of gratitude. As I inventory my gratitude in this article, I invite you to do the same.

Funeral Homes Across the Country Reaching a Breaking Point

As we head into nearly a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re learning about more surges across the country that are continuing to overwhelm the professionals in our industry. Here’s a roundup of recent industry-related news to keep you up to date.

Year-End Major Gifts Totaling $714,000 Propel the Funeral Service Foundation to a Record Year...

In a year when funeral service professionals faced challenging and uncertain obstacles in their call to serve families and communities, they also answered the call to give.

Funeral Directors Nationwide Overwhelmed by COVID-19 Surge

It’s our duty at The Funeral Leader to bring our followers the latest industry news and events. COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and many professionals in our industry are feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a round-up of recent articles depicting what’s happening across the country.

Easy-to-Use Digital Tools You Can Share with Families

Technology has no doubt made some things more complicated. However, there are tools out there (if you look very hard!) that seek to simplify and clarify. And when it comes to dealing with loss, I think clarity and simplicity are very much welcome.

Dr. Wolfelt’s Advice for Families Grieving Amid the Holidays and Pandemic

Bestselling author and grief expert Dr. Alan Wolfelt is sharing some practical suggestions for families to help them through these unique and unprecedented times.

NFDA-sponsored Docuseries ‘Honor Guard’ Debuts Christmas Day

“Honor Guard” covers the training cycles of the 3rd Infantry's Regimental Orientation Program, the U.S. Army's Caisson Platoon, the U.S. Army's Drill Team, and Delta Company's Full-Honors Casket Platoon.