Sunday, May 19, 2024

Leader Links: The Funeral Industry Embraces Tech, Diversity, and Unconventional Death Practices

This week’s edition of Leader Links features articles about end-of-life technology services, notable Black funeral directors, and unconventional death practices, to name a few.

Speakers Make Headlines at CANA Symposium

The Cremation Association of North America (CANA) welcomed more than 100 cremation innovators and thought leaders to Las Vegas for the return of the Cremation Symposium this February 2022.

Proven Strategies to Differentiate Your Cremation Business and Lead Your Market

As a cremation provider, you likely receive many questions from families, but probably the most common is, “What is your price for a cremation?”

CANA Symposium: Funeral Business Ethics in a Post-Covid World

As technology, transparency and the knowledge of the consumer evolve in a post-COVID world, ethical practice by professionals has never been more important.

Captivate the Cremation Consumer’s Attention

Rolf Gutknecht knows that templates are not the most important part of your marketing strategy, because “for a marketing program to be clever, contemporary, and inviting enough to gain your audience’s attention, it requires meaningful thought, understanding, listening and … creativity.

Innovation Abounds at the New NFDA Virtual Cremation Success Seminar

With cremation rates continuing to rise – and at an increased pace during the COVID-19 pandemic – ensuring families have meaningful experiences has never been more important.

CANA Hosting Funeral Professionals Peer Support Event in January

We’re back! Funeral Professionals Peer Support (FPPS) and the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) welcome Dr. Jason Troyer as facilitator of the first peer support meeting of 2022.

Foundation Partners Group Reports Record Growth in 2021, Adds Over 50 Locations, Including Baldwin...

Foundation Partners Group, a national cremation leader focused on innovation, and compassionate services, today announced record growth in 2021.

CANA Announces Keynote Speaker for 2022 Cremation Symposium

A professional content strategist, Andrew brings your story center stage to show you how it sets your business apart in the marketplace as keynote for the Cremation Association of North America’s 2022 Cremation Symposium.

How Aesthetics and Perceived Value Impact Your Funeral Business

For years, funeral industry professionals and the general public alike have turned to cremation as a “cheap option” when it comes to disposition. However, we are beginning to see an expansion in how the deathcare industry is framing cremation for families.