Funeral Homes Across the Country Reaching a Breaking Point


By Leader Contributor Jessie Rigney

As we head into nearly a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re learning about more surges across the country that are continuing to overwhelm the professionals in our industry. Here’s a roundup of recent industry-related news to keep you up to date.

According to this recent report from Ohio, the majority of funeral homes across the state are either already at or nearing their breaking point. Funeral directors are hoping to receive their vaccinations soon. Read more here.

The director of the Alabama Board of Funeral Services says businesses are reaching out for advice on handling the number of COVID-19 deaths in the area. Read more about the state’s cases here.

Like most of the world’s funeral homes, Florida’s Palms West Funeral Home is close to capacity almost every day. The struggle for their funeral home workers is getting vaccinated.

Even after purchasing additional storage space for bodies, Bay Area funeral directors fear more space will soon be needed. Bob Gordon, the president and CEO of Cypress Lawn in San Francisco, shared how trying this time has been for his care team.

The impact of COVID-19 on funeral directors around the world isn’t slowing down, and this Michigan director revisits the flood of deaths from last spring when he worked 18–20-hour days.

For Southern California funeral directors, COVID-19 deaths are continuing to surge, making it difficult to find space to store bodies. Read their perspective on the pandemic here.

Los Angeles recently suspended air-quality limits due to the increased cremation rates. Read what the head of the regional air quality office had to say about the most recent developments.

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