A Gift of Healing: Tribute Technology Launches First-of-Its-Kind Online Grief Resource



Middleton, WI — With the loss of over 1.4 million North Americans to COVID-19, many lives were cut short much sooner than expected, leaving behind millions of loved ones who are now experiencing grief and need help to move toward healing.

Tribute Technology, known as an innovative technology leader in the end-of-life industry, is proud to announce Guiding Grief™, a new resource for funeral homes, hospice centers, grief counselors, and other caregivers to provide support.

“Following the pandemic, our world has been experiencing grief at unprecedented levels. We knew we could use our expertise along with the knowledgeable professionals in our Premier Partner Network to create an online tool to help those coping with devastating losses,” said Tribute Technology Chief Customer Officer Courtney Gould Miller. “We are uniquely positioned to help, given our extensive knowledge of end-of-life services and the technology to create this valuable resource. Our goal is to promote healing.”

Guiding Grief™ is a private, on-demand grief video library created to provide immediate support to those coping with loss. The platform features 15 counselors, authors, and speakers who share their unique perspectives, knowledge, and expertise. They address commonly asked questions about grief and share their professional insight.

Each of the 27 videos featured in Guiding Grief™ touches on a specific aspect of grief or type of loss, including but not limited to: “Loss Through Suicide or Substance Abuse,” “Getting Through the Holidays,” “Death of a Child or Partner,” and “Men and Grief.” There are also videos focusing on self-care for those who are grieving, offering help through art therapy, meditation, and more.

Users can purchase year-long access to Guiding Grief™ for themselves or for a loved one through GuidingGrief.com. Over 3,400 funeral home websites also offer access to Guiding Grief™, with more being added every day. This allows users to purchase this subscription through the funeral home that served them or a friend or family member.

Anyone with questions regarding Guiding Grief™ is encouraged to reach out directly to info@guidinggrief.com or visit GuidingGrief.com.

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