Monday, January 27, 2020

SOUND OFF: What Do Today’s Consumers Expect?

At MKJ Marketing’s recent Mastermind event in Nashville, I spoke with three leaders in our industry about the trends they’re seeing in their markets. Here’s what they had to say.

Study Says Millennials May Die Earlier Than Their Counterparts

By Leader Contributor Emma Horton Millennials, the nickname for the generation of individuals born between 1981 and 1996, have been...

Leader Links: The Obstacles Affecting Green Burials

Here’s a look at some of the interesting stories about the deathcare industry making their rounds this week.

Foundation Partners Group Adds to Tucson Footprint

PRESS RELEASE - Foundation Partners Group, a leading provider of innovative funeral and cemetery experiences and products, has announced that the company has purchased the Adair Funeral Homes and Desert Sunset Funeral Homes in Tucson, Arizona.

Foundation Partners Group Adds Musgrove Family Mortuaries & Cemeteries

PRESS RELEASE Orlando, FL – Dec. 18, 2019 – Foundation Partners Group, a leading provider of innovative funeral and...

Engaging Today’s Preneed Consumer: Interview with Funeral Leader Erin Williamson

Erin Williamson is a vice president at Altmeyer Funeral Homes & Crematory, which now operates more than 40 funeral and cremation businesses across the East Coast.

Market Cannibalization: What It Means And Why You Should Care

The introduction and growing popularity of e-commerce cremation arrangements have raised the question and discussion of cannibalization within the funeral profession. Many are wondering: “Will families that would have paid the funeral home’s traditional pricing for cremation opt instead for their online offering?”

MKJ Announces 2020 Seminar Programming

PRESS RELEASE Largo, FL – MKJ’s 2020 Marketing Summit will investigate the consolidation of the industry relative to the...

Leader Links: Center Accused of Mishandling Donated Bodies

There are so many news sources these days that it’s easy to miss out on big or important stories. Here at The Leader, we keep up with all the latest deathcare headlines and put them in one place to make it convenient for you.

How to Maximize the Value of Your Cremation Recycling

The question asked most often by crematory owners is, “How do you compare to other recyclers?” This is a difficult question to answer because it’s hard to know what their experiences have been like. Recycling companies all operate differently.