Tuesday, August 3, 2021

FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Tops $700 Million

FEMA has provided over $710 million to more than 107,000 people to assist with COVID-19-related funeral costs for deaths occurring on or after Jan. 20, 2020.

When Serving Families, Don’t Just Speak … Set Expectations

As Senior Legal Counsel for Carriage Services, a large portion of my work focuses on helping Carriage funeral homes and cemeteries navigate family dynamics to ensure that families get the best possible service at the lowest possible risk to the business.

How to Explain 3 Disposition Eco-Myths to Your Community

Today our culture is more aware of the extreme climate emergency our planet is facing than ever before, and for good reason. Decades of bad business practices among billion-dollar industries, denial of scientific evidence by lawmakers, and general lack of awareness have pushed the risks of global warming to a breaking point.

Farley Funeral Homes and Crematory Joins Foundation Partners Group

Foundation Partners Group, a leading provider of innovative funeral and cemetery experiences and products, today announced the acquisition of Farley Funeral Homes and Crematory in Venice and North Port, Florida, and Venice Memorial Gardens in Venice, Florida.

Leverage the Power of Video in Digital & Traditional Marketing: MKJ Marketing Offering Seminar...

Nashville, TN — After coping with restrictions and social distancing for over a year, there’s no better time to take a trip to the country music capital of the world.

FEMA Amending Policy for Death Certificates Submitted for COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program

FEMA has released new guidance for families seeking funeral assistance for loved ones who died from COVID-19.

Krause Funeral Homes Connects More Families With Online Funeral Viewing

Ten years ago, Krause Funeral Homes and Cremation Service looked into live-streaming solutions for its four locations across the greater Milwaukee, WI, region.

Body Broker Bill Introduced in Congress

When a family chooses to donate a loved one’s body for education or research, they do so with the hope that they will help others. Regrettably, many are unknowingly contributing to a for-profit industry in which the body of their loved one could be traded as raw material in a largely unregulated national market.

State-By-State Updates for FEMA’s COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Program

Since April 2021, the Federal Emergency Management Agency has shelled out over $278 million to families for funeral costs related to COVID-19 deaths.

Strategies for Attracting Families and Standing Out from the Competition

Based upon research studies conducted by MKJ Marketing over four decades, 80% of consumers consider all funeral homes to be the same. Why? How can 15,000 independent and corporate funeral facilities be so similar that 80% of consumers cannot differentiate one from the other?