Friday, July 19, 2024

Future of “A Tree to Remember” Program Includes New Partnerships, More Transparency

Over 3,189,683 memorial trees have already been planted through “A Tree to Remember,” offering families another way to honor their loved ones in a more permanent way — and a new partnership will expand the reach of these environmentally conscious memorial gifts.

A Gift of Healing: Tribute Technology Launches First-of-Its-Kind Online Grief Resource

Tribute Technology, known as an innovative technology leader in the end-of-life industry, is proud to announce Guiding Grief, a new resource for funeral homes, hospice centers, grief counselors, and other caregivers to provide support.

How Funeral Homes Can Adapt to Change in 2023

As our environment continues to experience frequent change, safeguarding your business by remaining vigilant and adapting to the world around you is becoming increasingly important.

Tribute Technology Hosting Free Webinar: Make Your Online Obituaries Work for You

These days, everything is digital-first, including obituaries — but are you benefiting from your website as much as you can? Are you up to date on the latest ways users can memorialize their loved ones?

One Simple Thing You Can Do to Welcome More Families

The most common reasons people choose a funeral home are location, word of mouth, and — most importantly — the personal experiences they have had organizing or attending a funeral with your funeral home. This could be attendance in person or online through a live-streamed service.

Are You Missing Out on Potential Revenue Because of Your Website?

Funeral home websites have been in constant evolution since the development of the internet in the early 1990s.

New Free Online Arranger Training: Communicating the Value of Fingerprint Keepsakes to Families

Legacy Touch is well known for helping families across the world honor the lives of their loved ones through high-quality personalized and engraved fingerprint and cremation jewelry.

How Good Marketing Can Help Solve the Employee Recruitment and Retention Crisis

Problems with recruitment and retention are being felt across all sectors today, but funeral service is feeling the blow especially hard, as recruiting new employees and keeping them on for longer than five years has been a challenge to this profession for a long time.

3 Reasons Funeral Homes Are Moving Away from Facebook Livestreaming

Funeral directors are still being asked to offer live-streaming and record services, and the value of the family having a recording to keep has been recognized, but Facebook Live and comparable platforms are proving not to be the best long-term solutions. Exceeds Growth Expectations with 5,000+ Funeral Homes Enrolled In Legacy Pro

Legacy Pro,'s newest program to enhance the funeral home search experience by spotlighting trusted local funeral home partners, has just surpassed 5,000 funeral homes enrolled.