One Simple Thing You Can Do to Welcome More Families


By Leader Contributor Natalie Kuri, Partner Success Manager at OneRoom

Making meaningful connections is what keeps us motivated each and every day. It’s why we’re all in this business together.

Moreover, the connections funeral directors like you forge are how your business is sustained — it’s why clients think of you in a time of need.

The most common reasons people choose a funeral home are location, word of mouth, and — most importantly — the personal experiences they have had organizing or attending a funeral with your funeral home. This could be attendance in person or online through a live-streamed service.

Widen Your Chapel’s Walls

Live-streaming expands your offerings beyond the physical and into the virtual realm. In an industry where marketing can be a challenge, streaming is a budget-friendly way to increase your word-of-mouth referrals by putting your services in front of more potential customers.

In fact, incorporating streaming into your roster of offerings can add more than 30% to the number of people you connect with each year. The highest attended of services streamed with OneRoom attracts hundreds of online viewers.

The result? Wider chapel walls lead to more eyes, more connections, and more business while improving your image and reputation as an innovative leader within the industry.

Since implementing OneRoom, Krause Funeral Homes has seen a 25 percent increase in call volume.

“We promote the fact that we have live streaming capabilities. This may give people a reason to pick us over other funeral homes,” said Mark Krause, President and Funeral Director of Krause Funeral Homes.

Leave a Lasting Virtual Impression

We’re the first to admit: Nothing compares to in-person hospitality. But you can also offer a great experience for your guests online.

The viewing experience will differ if you are using a purpose-built platform, like OneRoom, or a free streaming service like Facebook. Purpose-built platforms are more reliable, offering support to help guests with any issues.

Guests are provided a comfortable online space to view the funeral, where they are not interrupted by inappropriate advertisements like they can be on social platforms.  They’ll be virtually beside in-person guests, offering their loving presence during a pivotal moment in the grieving process. The funeral home is also presented in the best light, leaving a positive impression on the guest.

“From a purely business point of view, OneRoom allows us to have far greater contact with a wider group than just the immediate family, and the fact that it’s a first-class product is also beneficial to our professional image,” said Gary, Funeral Director.

Make Your Presence Known

As we continue to connect in new and exciting ways — whether that be face-to-face, or one day, hologram-to-hologram — platforms like OneRoom will help you broaden your influence without moving or expanding your brick-and-mortar location. It is a short but impactful step toward better awareness of your business, layered trust across communities, and more connections with people in their greatest time of need.

Learn How OneRoom Can Help You.

About the Author: Natalie Kuri, Partner Success Manager
Natalie has been a licensed funeral director for over 20 years in New York and more recently in Texas. She served client families in different roles throughout her career ranging from daily operations, embalming, leading teams in preneed sales, managing cemeteries and crematories as well as presenting to other professionals at events. Natalie joined the OneRoom team in 2020 as a Partner Success Manager, leveraging her skills from the industry to onboard and train new customers while continuing to develop customer relationships.

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