‘American Funeral Director’ Publishes List of Top Innovators for Deathcare Industry

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By Leader Contributor Maria Neathery

American Funeral Director recently published its 2019 list of top innovators in the deathcare industry.

The innovators represent different facets of thought leadership, including experts in software engineering, communication, and marketing – just to name a few.

Marty Czachor Jr., vice president and one of the family-member owners of the Answering Service for Directors, is one of the Faces of Technology. The article notes that Czachor has cultivated ASD’s systems to actively seek out solutions to resolve communication challenges for directors. 

Curtis Funk, the CEO of Tukios, is the Face of Tribute Videos. The article discusses how the company transformed from just being Funk’s “side hustle” into what it is today – a software that provides top-notch memorial videos and is used by thousands of funeral homes and firms.

“I came up with the name Tukios because I got tired of people forgetting who we were at FuneralRecording.com. Our name and brand must have been too boring,” said Funk in the article.

Jamie Meredith, executive vice president of C&J Financial, is the Face of Funeral Funding. AFD notes Meredith’s “dedication to families to provide dignified funerals for their loved ones by selling life insurance and preneed funeral plans.”

“Our mission is to eliminate the hassle, headache, and cash flow delay that funeral homes and cemeteries have in processing insurance death claims,” said Meredith in the article. “By pioneering new technologies and streamlined processes, we constantly strive to be innovators in the funeral industry.”

The Leader’s own Managing Editor, Courtney Gould Miller, is the Face of Marketing. She is the CSO and head of digital at MKJ Marketing. The company was founded in 1982 by Courtney’s parents, Marilyn Jones Gould and Glenn H. Gould III, and is known as the top marketing, training, and client services firm in the deathcare industry.

Miller has taken what her parents have built and is focused on transforming their business for the digital age, advancing cremation e-commerce websites, and providing easy-to-use platforms for their clients.

“We’ve built our business by walking clients through critical marketing decisions and always having the latest solutions,” said Miller in the article.

Click to read more about the other innovators on the list and learn how they are setting the pace for others to strive for greatness.

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