By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

Whether it’s through social media, online forums, or podcasts, the deathcare industry is more connected than ever before.

Our industry is no stranger to the podcast phenomenon. Podcasts are recorded audio segments available for download that are typically found in a series. Each episode can last anywhere between 30 to 120 minutes. The format delivers information to listeners in a more conversational tone.

There are many podcast series that cover topics within the deathcare industry and are hosted by experts and outsiders alike.

Here’s a list of podcasts that we believe are both entertaining and informative for industry professionals.

The Undertaking – Episode 49: Balancing Life as a Parent and Funeral Director
Hosted by Indiana Funeral Directors Bryan Waters and Ryan Ballad, this episode tackles some of the struggles that funeral directors who are also parents face on a daily basis. Click to listen.

Funeral Radio – Next 10 – E-Cremation
Funeral Radio, created by Tyler Fraser, features podcasts from industry leaders that address topics relevant to professionals. One of those featured podcasts is Next 10, hosted by The Leader’s Managing Editor and MKJ Marketing CSO Courtney Gould Miller. Click to listen to her episode featuring MKJ CEO Glenn Gould, which discusses how e-commerce can change the way you view discount cremation businesses.

End-of-Life University – Episode 180: Living Funeral Ceremonies: How to Die Before You Die with Emily Cross
This podcast, hosted by hospice physician Karen Wyatt, explores the concept of living funerals. In this episode, expert Emily Cross shares her experiences in the industry and discusses the key differences between living funerals and celebration of life services.

My Fantasy Funeral – Episode 9: Larissa Maestro
In this episode, you’ll hear how Nashville cellist and vocalist Larissa Maestro wants to cultivate special, intimate moments for her funeral guests through music. As someone who is around music all the time, Larissa has a keen sense of the songs that can create a meaningful funeral experience. Click to listen.

Death, et. seq. – Episode 19: Discussing Cremation with Barbara Kemmis of CANA
In this episode, host Tanya D. Marsh speaks with the executive director of the Cremation Association of North America about the history of cremation and what it means for today’s deathcare professionals. Click to listen.

Death Goes Digital – Episode 36: Apart of Me – A Safe Virtual Place to Help Families Through Grief
This episode discusses the importance of talking to children about death on an age-appropriate level. You’ll also learn about how a game is changing the way families work through grief. Click to listen.

This list is just a small sampling of what is available on the internet. There is so much that you can learn from other professionals in the industry, and we want to keep you connected! Follow The Leader for our next podcast roundup.

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