PRESS RELEASEHalcyon is excited to announce two new features, Empathy Funding and the Web Payment Portal. Both are companion features to Halcyon’s Deathcare Management Solution.

Empathy Funding gives family and friends the ability to make contributions to a loved one’s end of life arrangements. 

The Web Payment Portal allows for online payments. Payments/donations made via Empathy Funding and the Web Payment Portal are applied directly to the outstanding account balance. Halcyon customers benefit from Empathy Funding and Web Payment Portal at no additional charge.

“At Halcyon we listen to the needs of our customers and continually strive to provide the features that lessen the time and stress required to run a funeral home or crematory. One of the areas that takes time away from serving families is invoicing and payment management; so we turned our attention to research what we could do to make this part of Halcyon even better. Our customers tell us that there is an increase in interest for community funding but they have concerns about the extra fees, fraud potential, transparency, and management required if using a third-party funding site. We are pleased to offer Empathy Funding and the Web Payment Portal to address those needs,” said Sara Gard, President of Halcyon.

Empathy Funding

Empathy Funding generates a custom link for the loved one which can be passed along in any number of ways, such as in the obituary on your website, included in a Facebook post, or emailed to specific friends and family.   The funding page is fully customizable to each family’s desires. Donations are applied directly to the open account and may not exceed the total balance of the account. When a donation is made automatic notifications are sent out: the donor receives a receipt, the funeral home or crematory is notified and the family may optionally receive a notification which can include a private message from the donor. Truly “set it and forget it”.

Web Payment Portal

The payment portal is also accessed via customized web-links so it can be used anywhere you can include the link. You can put the link to the Web Payment Portal on your website or include it in your invoices and statements that are either emailed directly from Halcyon or printed then paper mailed. Like Empathy Funding, when a payment is made it is applied directly to the balance on the account but may not exceed the current balance. A receipt is emailed to the payor and the funeral home or crematory is notified that a payment was made.


Halcyon is an independently-owned and operated company and a leading provider of comprehensive web-based deathcare management solutions for funeral homes and crematories. The Atlanta-based company also offers a smartphone planner app and a family-friendly arrangement assistant which allows for family collaboration during the arrangement process both in and out of the office.

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