ATLANTA, GA — Funeral homes now have an even more affordable option for using Halcyon to manage the essential components of their business with the recently-announced Halcyon Basic. The system combines the core modules of case management and forms from Halcyon Platinum to provide a clean, simple platform for businesses with more basic needs. Halcyon Basic will offer case overview, biography, contacts, and services tabs, as well as a powerful forms module with auto-filling.

Sara Gard, President of Halcyon said, “We are excited to be able to offer an option to help small or new funeral homes that are not quite ready for a full management system. Even though there is a smaller set of features, Halcyon Basic has the overall benefits of Halcyon Platinum; it’s 100% web-based so you can access and maintain your information from anywhere and the single data entry saves time and reduces errors. Our forms generation feature alone has been proven to save hours of time for funeral directors. When the funeral home is ready for more features, it’s simple to upgrade to Halcyon Platinum.”

Halcyon is an independently-owned and operated company and a leading provider of comprehensive web-based deathcare management solutions for funeral homes and crematories. The company also offers a smartphone planner app and a family-friendly arrangement assistant which allows for family collaboration during the arrangement process both in and out of the office.

Want to learn more about Halcyon Basic? Request a demo via ​​ or visit ​​.

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