How to Engage with Your Community on Social Media: Interview with Funeral Leader D.J. Wright


By Managing Editor Courtney Gould Miller & Contributor Maria Neathery

When it comes to social media, many people in our industry ask me the same questions, such as, “Do I really need a Facebook page?” or “Can my social media pages actually help me get more calls?”

The leaders in the deathcare industry understand why it’s so important to build relationships on social media and have seen significant results because they’ve invested in their online presence.

Attempting to build relationships in person is no longer the primary way to engage with people. Now more than ever, being on social media platforms, such as Facebook, extends your reach and can bring in new relationships with families you never would’ve had the chance to meet.

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D.J. Wright, owner of Wright & Ford Family Funeral Home and Cremation Services, has found that social media enables him to better connect with his New Jersey community. I recently spoke with Wright at an MKJ Marketing TV shoot in Nashville. Click here to check out his Facebook page.

“To me, social media is an extension of our community; it’s an extension of what we do. It brings us, just like television did for so many people, into people’s living rooms,” Wright said. “We’re normal people who just like to care for people who are going through some of the toughest times of their life.”

After a loved one passes, consistency, trust, and familiarity are key during the grieving process. As a funeral director, you can provide all three on Facebook. Your firm’s page becomes a safe space for them to seek counsel and comfort by creating posts that let grieving families know you are here for them even after the service is over.

Additionally, Facebook allows funeral directors and their staff many opportunities to educate families about the services they offer.

“We’re not just body bearers. We take care of people before, during, and well after. We’re a major life cycle event. That just helps people to really understand what we do because everybody has a preconceived notion about ‘the undertaker.’ But that’s not who we were back then, and that’s not who we are now. I really wanted to dispel a lot of myths and break down those walls. Showing people we’re real is a great thing,” Wright said.

Those who are interested in searching for a funeral home may check out firms in their area by searching online – perhaps even on Facebook. Having a strong community of people on your Facebook page proves to potential consumers that you’re reliable and trustworthy.

“I can definitely tell you it has gotten me numerous calls – not just one or two. The investment has more than paid for itself,” Wright said.

But how do you handle all of these tasks when you’re already so busy? Wright understands the value of partnering with a team of experts, such as MKJ Marketing, to support his social media goals.

“MKJ has done an amazing job,” Wright said. “I can’t do everything, so what I can do on a micro level … you guys can do on the macro level and help me grow and engage.”

In addition to social media services, MKJ Marketing also has a book, Sociable, which is a great resource for firms, along with several themed social media videos that are available for purchase.

We would love to help your firm the way we’ve helped D.J. Want to learn more about MKJ Marketing’s social media services? Schedule a free social media audit today or contact us anytime to schedule a consultation.

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