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As we seemingly begin to emerge from the pandemic, some funeral directors are continuing to see cremation spikes, while others aren’t seeing families return for scheduled postponed services. Here’s a roundup of the latest articles focusing on our industry.

Longtime Tulsa funeral director, Mary Helen Stanley, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Click to read more about her party and her 60 years in the funeral industry.

Woodlawn Cemetery, located in New York City, is the resting place of many celebrities, business leaders, and even vaudeville stars. Click to read more about the historic gem.

As trends change in pop culture and other areas of society, the funeral industry is no different. Read this story about a funeral home chain’s attempt to ban the visible tattoos and piercings of employees.

While it might not cross the minds of funeral directors, many consumers often wonder what life is like as a mortician. Allure covered the topic of makeup essentials for morticians in this article.

One funeral director is sharing his thoughts on the cremation spike, expecting cremation to surpass traditional burial rates in 10 years or less. Read his thoughts here.

Since the pandemic began, many families insisted on having a memorial service for their loved ones once COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Some funeral directors are saying most families never came back. Read more here.

A Minnesota dairy farmer had nearly 300 people attend his funeral after the state lifted certain COVID-19 restrictions. Read more about his story here.

Fewer families are choosing traditional burials instead of cremation, which leaves open, unused cemetery plots. The solution for the solar industry? Solar panels.

Read the story of this Eagle Scout who renovated and documented Middletown’s Historic Cemetery 30, for his project. In addition to cleaning the headstones, he documented gravestones for the town’s archives.

The government is offering much-needed financial assistance to those who lost a loved one over the past year. However, tracking down the required documents isn’t easily attainable for some. Read what this Chicago funeral director has to say about FEMA.

According to this report, SCI is in great shape for 2021, and this article details their earnings and consensus.

Inspired by many stories of loss, this woodworker fills planters with cremated remains and tops them with a living plant. Read more here.

Many funeral directors in Washington D.C., continue to be affected by COVID-19 deaths. They’re urging vaccinations because of this.

The Plaza Jewish Community Chapel understands how costly funerals can be, especially when many bereaved families are at their most vulnerable. Click to read their solution.

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