By Leader Contributor Jessie Rigney

As COVID-19 disrupts all aspects of our lives, here’s a roundup of several different interesting and thought-provoking articles covering different aspects of the pandemic.

Of the estimated 100,000-plus people killed by COVID-19, 20,000 died in New York City within just two months. Read this story by a war reporter that changed paths to write about how the city is handling the deaths.

Check out this unique story about “The Good Cemeterian,” a man dedicated to restoring the headstones of World War I veterans who died from the 1918 flu pandemic.

COVID-19 shifted how the nation celebrated Memorial Day, and the annual rituals at Arlington National Cemetery were no exception. Read the story to see how this played out.

To say the funeral industry is overwhelmed right now is an understatement. The concern for some funeral directors is that they might never recuperate. This story explains how expensive caskets and cemetery plots continue to decrease in appeal.

Some consider funeral directors to be the “last” of the first responders. This interview shows the true heroism of funeral professionals and why this job is not just about customer service to them. To be there for their communities during times of need is a way of life for these heroes.

Alkaline hydrolysis, or water cremation, is illegal in 30 states. Read about how it works and why it could be the way of the future.

Read this interview with two funeral professionals who continue to support their community during the stress and demands of the pandemic.

The New York Life Foundation is raising money for grieving children and their families – and all you have to do is download a book to help their cause. The Golden Sweater chronicles a child’s journey through loss, grief, resiliency, and healing. The book also includes a discussion guide, which can be used as a tool for parents to discuss the difficult but important topic of death with their children. With every download of the free book, the New York Life Foundation will donate $1 to organizations like the National Alliance for Grieving Children, Eluna, Comfort Zone Camp, and the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS). The foundation will donate up to $175,000. Click here for more information and to download the free book.

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