By Leader Contributor Jessie Rigney

As the world continues to grapple with the harsh reality of COVID-19 continuing into the fall months of 2020, here’s a look at some industry-related stories you’ll want to check out from around the world.

A group of funeral homes in Florida planned a parade of hearses to show just how serious gun violence can be. Read more here.

As COVID-19 cases continue to rise in Bolivia, engineers in the area are trying to solve the issue with a direct and practical solution.

One Los Angeles funeral director explains why she felt compelled to take COVID-19 cases earlier this year, despite the many unknowns of the virus.

A retired Navy veteran in Illinois plays taps whenever he can at funerals, churches, and cemeteries to show his appreciation for military service. Click here to read more.

A tropical storm that ripped through Brooklyn left no mercy on a 180-year-old cemetery. Click to read about the cemetery team’s recovery plans.

This month marks the impressive 150th anniversary for Gass Haney Funeral Home, one of the oldest businesses in Columbus, NE. Read their story here.

As COVID-19 continues to take a toll on funeral homes, this article shares the story of just how hard it hit a Latino family in Los Angeles.

Some are introduced to the funeral industry because it’s a family business. Others, like Funeral Director Marty White, realized it’s their calling after changing careers. Click here to read his story.

A funeral home founder died while answering to the harsh demands of COVID-19. Click to read more.

After a virtual vote, the Virginia Funeral Directors Association has appointed its next president. Click here to read.

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