By Leader Contributor Jessie Rigney

As COVID-19 continues to rip through our world, many different regions are experiencing surges in cases, and the trend doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

Below are a few headlines from around the country to keep you updated with the latest information.

Funeral homes across the country are scrambling to keep up as the number of pandemic-related deaths keeps rising, especially in El Paso, TX. CNN recently interviewed the manager of the city’s largest funeral home, Sunset Funeral Homes. Click here to watch the video.

As COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Minnesota, area funeral directors are asking their communities to focus on these figures and to have compassion for those who are losing family members. Click to read what funeral directors are saying.

The president of the fifth-oldest Black funeral home in the country has died. Read about how his North Carolina family is celebrating his life here.

Jamie Foxx will star and produce in “The Burial,” a film focused on sharing the story of a legal battle at a funeral home in the 1990s. Read more about the court conflict here.

A public funeral procession was held for live music and entertainment in the Bay Area. Click to read more.

Entrepreneurs are getting creative, creating new ways for us to remember our loved ones. This company uses cremated remains to craft parting stones.

Parisian restaurant and bar workers demonstrated how COVID-19 is affecting their industry as they marched through the streets with mock caskets.

It’s no doubt cremation is becoming more popular, even without the addition of COVID-19. This article covers a few misconceptions about this form of disposition and why it’s becoming more common.

The president of the National Museum of Funeral History discusses her path in the funeral industry and the importance of the Houston museum.

A Texas bishop who comforted several families during this difficult time has died after testing positive for COVID-19. Learn more about the life he lived and why he was admired by his community here.

Arlington Cemetery’s plans for expansion include 60,000 more burial sites across 37 acres. This addition will allow more military burials through the 2050s. Click to read more details.

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