By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

With COVID-19 dominating our news cycles, changing our daily routines, and heavily impacting the funeral industry, here’s a look at how different industry leaders across the country are handling the pandemic.

Learn how the technology solutions that Cypress Lawn CEO Bob Gordon decided to invest in last year have now set his firm up for success during the pandemic.

Read about the frustration of being a funeral director in New York. America’s epicenter of the virus is proving to be trying not only for families but for funeral directors as well.

Look at these jarring photos from New York detailing just how dire the situation there is.

Greenville, SC, has found itself in a difficult spot with funerals. Up to this point, there have been no direct notices limiting funerals in the state – leaving funeralgoers susceptible to the virus and also against the recommendations of the CDC.

Follow a day in the life of New York City funeral director Tom Cheeseman. This provides a look into just how overworked and needed funeral professionals are at this time.

Read or listen to Norman J. Williams, president and funeral director of Unity Funeral Parlors, detail some of the lessons we should be taking from COVID-19 to apply to our own lives.

New York City’s need for funeral directors has surpassed the supply available. Due to this, directors from around the state and country are being asked to come to serve in this high-risk area.

Watch this video featuring Michael Turch, co-owner of Cunningham Turch Funeral Home in Virginia, about how his firm is creating meaningful celebrations, even during the restrictions presented by COVID-19.

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