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By Leader Contributor Jessie Rigney

In this edition of Leader Links, you’ll read about how more cities are taking steps to preserve their history by turning their attention to burial grounds, more about the FEMA’s funeral fund, and how cremation start-ups are taking pointers from other direct-to-customer industries.

Here’s a round-up of recent news articles to keep you in the loop.

The New York Times recently took note of the e-commerce trend in cremation, mentioning multiple start-ups. Read this article on how businesses like Lumen Cremation are expediting the process for families.

A member of the U.S. Army who was responsible for the return of fallen soldiers back home is now in the death care industry for his unique service: A luxury funeral service motorcoach. Click to read more.

Ever wanted to attend your own funeral? Now you can, thanks to a funeral home in Brooklyn. Click to read more about “exit parties.”

Though many funeral directors serve their community in many ways, an Indianapolis funeral director has found a unique way to give back. Read about how he helps his community during snowstorms.

We’ve seen houses transformed into funeral homes, but what about a funeral home that’s now a dwelling house? Read about this non-superstitious family in Wisconsin who undertook this remodel.

The city of Tampa is taking steps to preserve historic cemeteries in the area by trimming the canopy, replacing fences, and much more. Read about their preservation efforts here.

Given the shortage of funeral directors, some funeral homes are calling on students for assistance to alleviate the lack of help. Read more here.

The editorial board at Kenosha News is sharing their thoughts on revisions they believe need to be made to FEMA’s COVID-19 funeral fund. Click to read the details.

Eterneva memorial diamonds recently partnered with an NFL player to honor his late father. Read more about their partnership with the Green Bay Packers player.

The Albia Group acquired the start-up company, WFN, a digital platform for funeral services and transfers. Read about what this means for the families you serve.

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