Leader Links: Service Offers Time in Coffin as Life Lesson


By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

Here’s a look at some of the interesting stories about the deathcare industry making their rounds this week.

Read about a West Virginia court case involving a funeral director seeking worker’s compensation for carpal tunnel. In Davidson vs. Blue Ridge Crematory, the Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia found that there was not enough evidence and that the employee’s prior medical history contributed to his injury.

Read National Geographic’s article on the environmental impact of cremation. The article shares details about different types of green end-of-life options.

Listen to this episode of Undertaking: The Podcast. Courtney Gould Miller, managing editor of The Leader and CSO of MKJ Marketing, discusses the importance of marketing within the funeral industry.

Read about the living funerals a South Korean service is offering to teach life lessons. Participants spend up to 10 minutes in a closed coffin, in hopes of learning to appreciate their lives and seek forgiveness from others.

Read about the family who was killed in Mexico and the support their community showed at their funeral. In the aftermath of this tragic event, the Mormon community is mourning the loss of their loved ones and bonding together during a time of unrest.

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