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Instagram has come a long way in the past 11 years — from its original concept of focusing on photo-sharing to the marketing juggernaut it has become today.

Fast forward to 2021, and Instagram has become a platform for digital activism and brand growth, offering numerous avenues for the production and dispersion of creative advertising. Over the past few years, Instagram has transformed into a full-fledged marketing service, allowing for brands to reach more consumers than ever before.

According to recent research, approximately 70% of Instagram users search for brands they are interested in on the platform. Because of this, companies around the world are investing more time and money into Instagram, and it’s paying off. Research shows some brands are likely to receive 10 times more engagement on Instagram compared to Facebook.

You may be wondering: Should my deathcare business be on Instagram? The answer is complicated.

The deathcare industry is different than most other industries because it has a very specific demographic, along with products and services that require targeted and delicate marketing.

However, more now than ever before, the importance of ever-growing reach and competitive value is heavily apparent with the increased demand for end-of-life services due to COVID-19.

Putting your firm on Instagram is an opportunity to expand your reach, to access a different demographic, to step ahead of the competition, and to market your firm in new ways. Think of this as a new opportunity to interact with your community in a more intimate way.

According to Homesteaders Life Company, about 61% of people between the ages of 30 and 64 years old use Instagram. This demographic is the predominant group of consumers who could be considering pre-planning or perhaps will be planning a service for a spouse, a parent, or a grandparent in the near future. Having a presence on Instagram will also allow you to start interacting early with the next generation, as consumers between the ages of 25 and 34 represent 60% of Instagram users.

And no matter which demographic you are targeting, Instagram is incredibly user-friendly, giving you the ability to respond to comments, interact through direct messages, and analyze insights about the content you share. Instagram — much like its parent company, Facebook — offers solutions to collect leads and intentionally expand your reach.

All of this being said, there are many firms in this industry that are not on social media at all — or maybe they have accounts but do nothing with them. Before adding any new social media account, you have to ask important questions. Does your firm have the capacity to invest time and money into this platform? Do you believe you have or could have an audience? Do you want to utilize this platform to grow your firm?

Chris Miller of Thomas Miller Mortuary & Crematory in California said yes to these questions. In March 2019, his firm created an Instagram account to increase his firm’s exposure. Since then, their account has accrued over 100 followers, along with generating consistent engagement on their posts. Miller found success through knowing his market, choosing to invest his time and money in the platform, and by having a strategy in place. Check it out here!

To see other examples of firms who have had success on Instagram, click the links below:

If you are interested in learning more about Instagram and would like more information about how to create this type of content, contact MKJ Marketing today.

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