By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

The stress of the current pandemic is evident in all aspects of our lives, from our workplaces to social media to conversations with friends.

As important as it is to stay informed about the most recent developments, it is also vital to remember that there are many other positive developments happening around the world too.

A few resources you may want to keep bookmarked during this time are:

All of these sources have a regularly updated selection of heartwarming and uplifting stories for online viewing.

The links we’re sharing below are meant to help put a smile on your face, bring some joy to the start of your day, or provide an encouraging word that you may want to share with your friends, families, and colleagues! (This could also be good content for your firm’s social media accounts too.)

A San Francisco embalmer is being recognized by a local news outlet for her commitment to showing compassion and courage throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Read the story of this 89-year-old grandmother who is finding a way to stay busy – sewing face masks and listening to The Beatles.

One Arkansas resident decided to donate their federal stimulus check in support of a local restaurant – bringing the business owners and workers to tears.

This article details a series of positive events happening around the world, including information on vaccines, bees, and more!

Find ways to connect with nature and the outdoors this spring with help from this article, which details 10 ways you can get involved with nature.

A group of Canadian students has found a way to keep senior citizens positive amid the pandemic. The Joy4All project serves as a great reminder that there are always ways we can serve others.

A 99-year-old war veteran walked laps around his garden in order to raise a massive donation for NHS Charities Together. Almost 800,000 individuals donated to his cause.

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