Tribute Technology Announces Partnership with UserWay to Ensure Funeral Home Websites Are Accessible to All



MIDDLETON, WI — On top of the many challenges already facing funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries in today’s climate, many firms are now being targeted by litigation focusing on website accessibility issues. To address this critical issue, Tribute Technology is announcing an official partnership with innovative online accessibility provider UserWay to help firms find an affordable solution that works. 

Creating and maintaining websites that meet federal accessibility standards is a critical issue for all industries and companies of all sizes. Businesses struggle to keep up with the changing standards and the financial investment needed to maintain an accessible website — not to mention the ongoing cost of updates to meet evolving ADA requirements. 

“Tribute Technology saw the need to provide an option for a cost-effective accessibility solution for owners of funeral homes, crematories, and cemeteries. We know many of our clients do not have the time or bandwidth to deal with these issues, and we want to make sure we support them with an easy way to address accessibility and lower their risk of a lawsuit,” said Tribute Technology CEO Matt Frazer. “As soon as I saw what UserWay’s technology was capable of, I knew we needed to share this opportunity with all our clients and partners. We care deeply about the businesses who have chosen to work with us, and we want to make sure they have access to the best technology out there.” 

Over 60 million Americans — and over 1 billion people worldwide — live with some type of disability, which includes vision loss, dyslexia, and mobility issues. With so many different circumstances that can affect a website user’s accessibility, it would take a significant investment for an individual firm to address all these issues. 

UserWay offers over 80 accessibility functions and supports over 40 languages. Utilizing its software is as simple as adding a line of code to a website, which generates a widget that adds a layer of accessibility to a website. This process moves quickly, meaning a website can begin to be substantially more compliant within minutes.  

“The development of UserWay’s widget began in 2016 when we set out to make one of the world’s largest freelance e-markets accessible,” said Allon Mason, founder and CEO of UserWay. “We quickly found that modern technology could support a new approach to accessibility integrating an on-page widget with automation and frictionless delivery of professional services.” 

Online ADA compliance requires specialized legal and technical expertise. Tribute Technology’s official partnership with UserWay gives funeral professionals confidence that they have the most advanced technology and ADA expertise available to them. Over half of UserWay’s staff consists of developers, an in-house legal team that specializes in accessibility laws, staff members with disabilities who test the software, and data scientists compiling information from over 1 million websites. The UserWay team is constantly monitoring its widget and updates its code every week. UserWay stands behind its product and even offers clients access to its legal team and a $10,000 guarantee to any firm facing web accessibility litigation while using its AI-Powered Pro Widget. 

This partnership brings a cost-effective solution, significant savings from the standard UserWay list price, and exclusive opportunities to funeral businesses everywhere. Tribute Technology delivers this innovative product through its network of Premier Partners, including leading providers such as FrontRunner Professional, MKJ Marketing, SRS Computing, Funeral Tech, CFS, and others. Owners who are interested in learning more about UserWay and its exclusive partnership with Tribute Technology are encouraged to visit

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