6 Easy-to-Use Tech Tools You Can Share With Families


By Leader Contributor Mollie Lacher, Owner of Sunny Care Services

While there is a strong argument out there that technology has become too much of a distraction in our lives, there are also times when technological innovations can make our lives significantly easier and can make cumbersome tasks more manageable.

There is no better time to make tasks easier for a family than when they are grieving the loss of a loved one. Here are a few examples of websites and apps that your staff can share with the families you serve.

Better Communication Tools
When phone calls and Facebook aren’t enough, apps like Everdays are designed to help you get the word out about your lost loved one without having to broadcast personal details to your greater social networks. This app will help you create important announcements and then update your loved one’s community on important events and details, such as visitation logistics. If you also need help creating your loved one’s obituary, sites like Obituare will help you find a basic template based on general details about your loved one.

Resources to Assist with the Planning Process
It can be chaotic for families as they plan services for their lost loved one, especially if they have family members traveling into town or need to deal with other pressing details. Websites like Kaathy are designed to help a funeral director collaborate with families in a non-intrusive way to collect the important information needed to arrange services. If a family needs guidance on closing out their loved one’s affairs, websites like Executor.org are able to take basic information about a family’s situation and create a customized roadmap so they know where to start.

Important Document Recovery
You can do almost everything online these days, so why not make the preplanning process even easier for families? Websites like Everplans and Cake can store important estate-related documents that a family would need after losing their loved one in one place so paperwork like marriage certificates, digital copies of a will, and Social Security information can be easily found and accessed. These websites also house information about the user’s final wishes for their services and end-of-life celebrations, making it easier for the family to plan down the road.

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