Halcyon Deathcare Management Solutions Announces Integration with Tukios Websites



ATLANTA, GA — Halcyon Death Care Management Solutions and Tukios are pleased to announce an integration between Halcyon’s management system and Tukios’s websites. This integration will allow funeral directors to enter data once in their Halcyon system and have it automatically sent to their Obituary information on their Tukios website.

Sara Gard, President of Halcyon said, “This integration is another addition to Halcyon’s growing list of quality partners that complement our software’s functionality. The integration between Halcyon and Tukios provides single data entry which decreases the risk of errors as well as saves time that can be spent directly helping the families served.

“We are very excited to have completed this integration with Halcyon. They have a very robust and easy to use product, and a loyal customer base. This partnership furthers our mission to simplify the lives of funeral directors.” Curtis Funk, CEO Tukios Inc.


Halcyon is an independently-owned and operated company and a leading provider of comprehensive web-based deathcare management solutions for funeral homes, crematories and pet crematories.

Want to learn more about Halcyon? Request a demo via demo@halcyondcms.com or visit www.halcyondcms.com.


Tukios Purpose is to develop products that make funeral director’s lives easier and improve engagement with the families they serve. Aided by the best customer support in the profession, Tukios website platform and tribute video innovations have given funeral directors broader reach and more intimate relationships with the families they serve. To receive a Website Demo click the following link https://www.tukios.com/website-demo.html

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