By Leader Contributor Jenny Goldade, Senior Content Specialist at Frazer Consultants

Many funeral homes are feeling the pinch of staff shortages following the pandemic. This makes prioritizing to-do lists while maintaining excellent service to families more important than ever. Personalized products are a great way to make an impression without adding too much work for your staff.

By incorporating these tributes into your firm’s offerings, you can:

  1. Improve the family’s experience.
  2. Earn extra revenue.
  3. Build loyalty.

Improve the Family’s Experience Through Personalized Products

To support your families after a death, you can offer them beautiful, personalized products. Having a physical reminder of a loved one can help them keep cherished memories close by.

Building your own product line may sound like a lot of work. Luckily, there are tools that make it easy to create and customize multiple memorial products — all with little work required from your staff.

Ditch Pre-Printed Memorial Stationery

Funeral stationery software is not just for creating memorial folders, programs, and other assets for the service. You also can create high-quality mementos, such as:

  • Memorial Candles
  • Bookmarks
  • Prayer Cards
  • And more!

Sounds good? We’re giving you permission to ditch the pre-printed stationery collecting dust on your shelves guilt-free. With personalization software, you get access to hundreds of themes to create matching products. Easily customize the photos, text, layout, and more to create truly unique tributes that your families will love.

Turn an Ordinary Tribute into Something Extraordinary

You also can easily turn an ordinary tribute into an extraordinary one with just your printer and some decals. One example is remembrance ornaments. By adding customizable decals to the ornaments, you can personalize them with the deceased’s name and birth and death dates.

Exceed Families’ Expectations While Earning Extra Revenue

With personalized products, you can give your families an experience they’ll remember and that they deserve. Not only do these products help you exceed families’ expectations, but expanding your offerings also provides you with extra revenue.

Invest Back into Your Business and Your Client Families

By investing these funds back into your business, you can find new ways to give your families a meaningful experience. It all comes full circle, so you can show your families that you care about more than just your bottom line. That you care about more than just planning the funeral or celebration of life service. That you want to be there for them long-term as a support system.

Make the Most of Your Website

To make it easy for your families to learn about your products, add them to your website. By having a webpage for all your products and services, they can explore their options from the comfort of their own home. You can share your general price list to help build trust with families right away.

It’s also important to give your families a place to send flowers, sympathy gifts, and other mementos to the grieving family. With an online store on your website, they can order these gifts with just a few clicks.

Keep Families Coming Back to Your Funeral Home and Find New Ones

By expanding your offerings to include your memorial products, you’ll accomplish two important goals for your business:

1. Improve Your Brand Reputation

Of course, your client families know you go above and beyond for them before, during, and after the service. To show potential clients how you can do the same for them, ask your current clients for testimonials. It could be a quick review of how much your memorial products mean to them. Or it could be a book of examples you create from past services and memorials you share with potential clients. Whichever option you choose, these resources are key to improving your brand reputation.

2. Increase Customer Loyalty

People expect a personalized experience. According to Epsilon’s report, 80% of survey participants said they’re more likely to work with a business that provides a personalized experience. This means your customizable tributes are likely to attract new clients and keep existing ones coming back. They’ll know you are not just with them for the memorial service and that’s the last they hear from you. With your exceptional aftercare and customizable products, you have a long-lasting relationship with your families built on trust.

A Great Experience Leaves People Talking

By following these steps, you can successfully enhance your aftercare. First, take advantage of innovative tools to build your product line. Next, use these personalized products to exceed their expectations and earn extra revenue. Then, reach out to your client families to create testimonials about your personalized aftercare experience that keep families coming back to your firm.

About the Author: For more than five years, Jenny Goldade has been writing and learning about the funeral profession. She is the Senior Content Specialist at Frazer Consultants, a funeral technology company that specializes in website design, personalization software, and more. To learn more about Frazer Consultants, visit

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