PRESS RELEASEHalcyon, one of the top names in the deathcare management profession, recently tapped First American as its payment processor of record.

As a result of the partnership, funeral home and crematory owners and operators who use the Halcyon business management platform can now also accept and process payments through it, securely and easily.

Halcyon provides funeral home management, crematory management and pet cremation/aquamation management. Each aspect of the solution includes full integration with First American’s payment processing technology, making the Halcyon platform a true full-scale business management tool. End-to-end business ops, from new case planning to final invoice reconciliation, can be managed, monitored and tracked through Halcyon.

“We have operated in this space for more than 15 years, and were rightfully very careful in the due diligence phase of selecting a payments partner,” said Sara Gard, President, Halcyon. “What drew us to First American, and what has affirmed that we made the right decision, is the unique approach they bring in working with software providers like ours. They understand the unforeseen complications that can come with technology integrations. They plan for them, work through them, and deliver an experience that exceeds any we’ve had elsewhere. It’s not hard to understand why so many in our industry have lined up to work with them.”

“Halcyon had already captured the attention of the industry with its Platinum product, a 2018 NFDA Members Choice Finalist, before adding payments,” said Chris Yurko, Director of Business Development, First American. “To take a solid product offering like that and then build on its value, it was mission-critical for the Halcyon team to align with a payments provider who can deliver on their promises. I am incredibly proud that First American proved that we are not only the right payments provider, but the right long-term technology partner to help Halcyon realize its growth goals.”

For more information, please contact Chris Yurko, Director of Business Development, First American,

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