Leader Links: The First Green Cemetery in Paris


By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

Here’s a look at some of the interesting stories about the deathcare industry making their rounds this week.

Read about a North Carolina cemetery’s decision to cancel a movie night after receiving negative feedback from their community. While events are a great way to connect with your community, the traditions and beliefs of each region are different, so be mindful of this when planning any event in a cemetery or memorial park.

Read about this funeral for a veteran held in Florida, which had over 2,000 attendees. Members of Edward Pearson’s community wanted to show their respect and honor his military service by ensuring he had a proper farewell.

Learn about the first green cemetery in Paris. In an attempt to lower the city’s carbon footprint, Mayor Anne Hidalgo helped create the 150-plot area.

Read about the impact makeup can have when presenting family and friends with their loved one. Evie Vargas goes into detail about her goal to include families in the process and how she works to ensure every individual looks as they once did.

Learn about the miracle of an Indian baby who was rescued after being buried alive. This case explains the horrible reality of female infanticide in India. Authorities are now looking for the infant’s parents in order to criminally charge them.

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