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It’s our duty at The Funeral Leader to bring our followers the latest industry news and events. COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon, and many professionals in our industry are feeling overwhelmed. Here’s a round-up of recent articles depicting what’s happening across the country.

Read this story from the perspective of a Florida funeral director as she looks back on the unexpected events 2020 brought us.

Old Berlin Cemetery, the resting place of several Civil War soldiers, has recently been restored after years of effort. Click to read more about its history.

An Ontario auditor general’s mystery shoppers reported being pressured to sign contracts or spend more money when speaking with funeral directors. Click here to read what else the shoppers uncovered.

Although two mobile morgues were sent for relief to funeral homes in Amarillo, they still remain overwhelmed. Read about their latest COVID-19 numbers here.

We hear about nurses being first responders, but this letter shines a well-needed light on the hard work of funeral directors and their dedication to families.

Funeral homes in El Paso continue to work around the clock in an attempt to keep abreast of the COVID-19 deaths they’re seeing. Read how they’re keeping up with the demand.

In line with many other funeral homes, Honquest Funeral Home in Illinois is finding it difficult and overwhelming to keep up with the COVID-19 deaths. Read what they’re doing to comfort families.

A volunteer is known for gathering an annual group to hold a religious burial service for the undocumented people who are buried in a cemetery of the unknown. Read more here about why he feels motivated to do this.

A month-long surge in COVID-19 cases is forcing Los Angeles funeral directors to turn away grieving families. Click to read more on why they feel the numbers will only keep rising.

One Utah funeral director is seeing the number of suicides he handles has doubled due to stress from the pandemic. He notes that at least six other funeral homes in the area are seeing the same pattern.

California funeral homes are running out of room to store bodies, even after purchasing more refrigerators. Hospitals are also overwhelmed, and Los Angeles has seen over 10,000 COVID-19 deaths. Click here to read about the status of other states.

South Dakota funeral directors are feeling the effects of another COVID-19 surge as they work 12-to-15-hour days to keep abreast of the pandemic. It has changed morgues, funeral homes, and the way their religious leaders are honoring the dead.

A group of Nashville pastors is assisting funeral directors in the area by providing PPE, gifts, and support during the pandemic. They see this as a way to thank the funeral directors for their service.

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