By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

With the COVID-19 crisis causing waves of fear and uncertainty to sweep across our nation, families need to be able to trust you more now than ever before.

Many people are reevaluating their own end-of-life arrangements, as well as having tough conversations with family members who are already suffering from COVID-19 or who are particularly vulnerable to the virus. When your staff has to interact with families via phone call or video conferencing instead of meeting in person, it can further this issue of trust, but there is a way to counteract this.

When families are searching for cremation providers, they may find countless headlines about scandals and the inappropriate handling of cremated remains by bad actors. They are going to want a guarantee from your business that you are going to provide the utmost care and professionalism.

Wondering how you can do this? The answer lies within the Cremation with Confidence™  Guarantee.

The Cremation with Confidence™ 10-step guarantee gives families tangible reasons why your services are superior and trustworthy. Through this process, you promise families that your employees abide by a system of checks and balances to assure them that their loved one never leaves your care and that they are treated with respect and dignity at all times. Cremation with Confidence™ is exclusively licensed for each county to ensure that you are the only provider in your market.

This guarantee can be particularly helpful during this unprecedented time as families are already feeling lost about how to commemorate their loved one’s life. This program helps to move families from feeling fearful and anxious to feeling confident and comfortable that they’ve made the right choice by choosing your firm.  

To learn more about becoming a Cremation with Confidence™ provider and all of the benefits that it provides, don’t hesitate to reach out to MKJ Marketing.

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