By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

With COVID-19 dominating our news cycles, changing our daily routines, and heavily impacting the funeral industry, here’s a look at how different industry leaders across the country are handling the pandemic.

Read about the “new normal” for funeral professionals in New York, which has been one of the areas hit hardest by the pandemic.

The shortage of personal protective equipment, such as masks, is becoming a huge risk factor for funeral directors handling bodies impacted by COVID-19.

Read about the healthcare workers who are hastily updating their funeral plans while battling the pandemic on the front lines.

Read about how industry leader Kim Bridges is adding livestreaming services at several of her funeral home locations, including her facilities in Florida and Colorado.

Paul Cavanagh details how livestreaming services were not in their plansuntil the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, this is becoming one of the most highly requested services that his funeral home offers.

A church in Italy is now being used as a makeshift cemetery. As the coronavirus death toll rises every day, funeral directors are running out of space for the deceased.

Service dogs are providing relief to medical staff on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic. A Denver hospital is employing a therapy dog to help workers remain calm and present during this time of constant stress. If your funeral home has a therapy dog, this article could give you some ideas to consider.

Learn why a funeral service in south Georgia is now known as a “super-spreading event” by experts. Several people who attended the funeral service have since passed away, creating havoc in a small town.

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