By Leader Contributor Emma Horton

Here’s a look at some interesting recent stories about the deathcare industry that are making their rounds.

Learn about all the things the Congressional Cemetery offers for its community. Aside from notable figures, the cemetery focuses on staying uniquely involved with its community — there could be some potential ideas you could apply at your firm as well.

Read this informational piece on how millennials are shifting the deathcare industry. The generational shift is one that you are going to want to pay attention to so that you can continue ensuring success for your firm.

Learn about the Harvard grad using hydrolysis as an eco-friendly alternative to cremation and burial. Ed Gazvoda is working as a pioneer in the field with hopes of widely expanding the field to those who wish to have a less environmentally impactful end-of-life service.

Learn about the horrible tragedy that happened in Queensland, Australia, after a mother had miscarried. Her wishes were to have her child cremated, but instead, his remains were processed with others in a mass cremation due to a massive oversight.

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