Saturday, March 25, 2023

Neptune Society Accused of ‘Unlawful Business Practices’ in Lawsuit Filed by CA Attorney General

By Managing Editor Courtney Gould Miller and Editor Kara Apel The Neptune Society is facing a lawsuit from the...

Learn the Right Way of Management at CANA’s 2023 Cremation Symposium

More than many other professions, funeral service is a calling to serve families facing some of their most difficult days. Yet, the funeral profession faces an employment crisis as people change careers. Why?

Should You Advertise During COVID-19?

By Leader Contributor Glenn Gould, CEO of MKJ Marketing Being recognized represents a challenge for bank robbers, which is...

Join CANA’s FINAL Crucial Conversation on April 14

Pandemic Lessons on Preneed and Aftercare, the fourth and final entry in CANA’s Art and Science of Cremation: Crucial Conversations Virtual Series series, goes live on Wednesday, April 14, at 1 pm CT.

How to Capitalize on the Cremation Spike

By Leader Editor Kara Apel Seeing a spike in cremation within your market? You’re not alone. According...

Funeral Directors in Some States Still Advocating for Vaccine Access

Although we’re starting to see the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel — and many of us have received vaccines — many deathcare professionals are still feeling the strain from the recent spike in deaths. Here are a few industry-related stories to keep you up to date.

CANA’s 2023 Cremation Symposium: Stay Ahead of Evolving Consumer Expectations

The past two years have seen a quiet transformation in the way consumers talk about death and deathcare services, particularly online. Are you prepared to meet the challenge of communicating effectively with the families you hope to serve?

Leader Links: Navigating a New Normal

With COVID-19 dominating our news cycles, changing our daily routines, and heavily impacting the funeral industry, here’s a look at how different industry leaders across the country are handling the pandemic.

Strange Happenings Afoot: Is Your Firm Prepared for the ‘New Normal’?

Every business has expectations based upon past experience which owners and managers use to develop budgets, plan manpower, and project cash flow — but we have entered a period when all of the norms have evaporated, making every day an adventure and a challenge.